Weekend Team Building Activities

If you’ve ever planned a team building session, you’ll find that many team building activities are restricted to weekdays, either taking a whole or part day out of the working week; however, there can be some great activities which can only take place on a weekend and benefits to running events on weekends. If you have regular team building sessions with your team or within your company, it’s a good idea to have one or two days or weekends a year where your team can look forward to doing something different and building confidence and trust in each other in a different environment (outside the confines of a boardroom for example)
Team building activities aren’t just for corporate teams these days. Many sporting teams take part in team building both before and throughout their sporting season. Pre-season team building is done for many of the same reason corporate team building activities Melbourne are held – to meet objectives, to bring the team together and to teach the players to work cohesively as a team. This is one area where weekend team activities come into play and is great for those who work during the week. Weekend events can be a little more relaxed than those held during the week. Participants don’t need to rush back to the office to complete a job, they aren’t worried about missing an email or a phone call and in general, participants can be more relaxed rather than stressed, which can make for a more enjoyable team event.
Weekend retreats are a great example of team building activities. Retreats can include ski trips or it can also include weekend activities within the city you conduct business in – for example, your team could participate in weekend long adventure activities in Melbourne which may involve a weekend of sailing, camping, race events, or sports. If you do head away as a team, you still need to ensure you are meeting the objectives of a team building activity. You don’t want to end the weekend and go back to the office, or back to the field, and have people refusing to work as a team or arguing over small things.
Your weekend team building activity also doesn’t need to focus on one activity only. While you might head away for a ski weekend, your weekend might include skiing, snowman building competitions, trivia night and a cooking competition. By having a number of activities planned, you can be sure that everyone will get involved and will look forward to the weekend away. View activities that can be done with your office mates at this page. 
If you are staying in your home city, it might be worth booking accommodation for your team, even if they only live half an hour away. This will ensure that everyone will be present for the day’s activities and won’t feel tempted to stay at home and skip whatever has been planned. By doing this, you can also ensure the team informally bonds over a casual dinner and have the opportunity to talk to people they may not usually get to in the office.
If you are planning a team building session with your work or sporting team, look into the option of weekend trips or retreats. It might bring a different dynamic to your team building day.